Velvet Capsules 100 x 200mg

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Velvet Capsules 100 x 200mg
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Used for 1000's of years by Oriental people to aid in the healing of Joint aches and pains, Rheumatism and swelling associated with arthritis.

Each capsule contains 100% High Grade Pure Red Deer Velvet powder.
Our Capsules are all produced in New Zealand from NZ Deer Velvet.

Recommended Daily Dose is 2-4 Capsules taken with food.

What is Deer Antler/Velvet?
The male deer sheds antler each year, after the mating season, harvesting of Deer Velvet is done under controlled conditions to prevent the Stags from fighting and hurting other animals.

Does the removal process hurt the deer?
Deer Velvet can only be removed by veterinarians or specially trained and certificated farmers to ensure the animal welfare is maintained.


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