Deer Tail

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Deer Tail 40-50gram
Price: $56.00
Deer Tail 50-60gram
Price: $83.00
Deer Tail 60-70gram
Price: $140.00
Deer Tail 70-80gram
Price: $220.00

Deer Tails

Oriental people have long believed Deer Tails beneficial in reducing stress and aiding towards curing Joint, Kidney and Nervous disorders.

Deer Tails are a great source of Sulfur, Calcium and Phosphorus, have a high level of Lipid and are low in protein and ash levels.

Oriental beliefs claim Deer Tail beneficial for:

Hormone Balance
Improved Kidney Function
Reducing Stress & Nervous Levels
Menstruation stability
Nerve, Organ and Muscle Function improvement
Strengthening Bones, Teeth and Fingernails

Joint Mobility and Function Improvement

Prices inclusive of G.S.T


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